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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Pop up puddings

I've been meaning to write about this place for weeks now, especially since my first visit was way back when I was out with my very dear defacto-appointed burger compadre! To be clear, I don’t particularly have a sweet tooth, I can’t profess to be an aficionado on desserts, and if I were to choose, I would probably always err on the side of a cheese board or Amaretto Sours for dessert, but when you discover that a pop up has umm, well, popped up(!), with the sole purpose of providing its diners with sweet wines, bubbles and stylish puddings, one cannot rightly say no. Pudding Bar in Soho is a genius idea and one that I've not yet seen anywhere else…

Located on Greek Street, this is a perfect solution for so many an occasion, but I found myself there, craving a sweet bite after going crazy in a meat-sweat inducing burger joint that’s famed for its burgers (obviously), not necessarily its dessert (unless a root beer float counts!). For all those who fancy skipping dinner though, you can sink knee deep into a world of sweet here, any time until midnight, 7 days a week (23:00 on Sundays). Even better still, if you can’t make your mind up or if like me, you’re gluttonous tendencies encourage you to eat everything on the menu, you can get a tasting plate for two people (£28). The menu is constantly changing, so multiple visits are not just acceptable, but positively desirable, if for no other reason to keep on top of that quest for optimum tooth rot and a well-rounded pot belly!

Individual desserts are priced between £6 - £8 per plate and everything I saw looked fantastic for such a reasonable price, all generously portioned too. You need not worry about style-over-substance here either – the favours are great, the execution is precise without being fussy, and the concepts cleverly combine traditional (sometimes perfectly retro) with a homely but modern twist. You will see classics like Banoffee, Baked Alaska, Panna Cotta and Cheesecake all riding high on the menu, but each one is thoughtfully lifted to bring sheer joy! Sweet wines range from £5 - £7 per 70ml serving, but you can get 125ml or a bottle if you so desire; why not try the Flight of Dessert Wine though, for only £16, so you can try three of the four varieties on the menu. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know much about dessert wines, so a tasty selection is a nice way to explore my favourite flavours. If sweet isn’t your thing, you can still get cheese (oh blessed cheese!), a nice selection of regular wines and sparkling nectar as well as a couple of beers (lager or IPA, both £4.50) and plenty of soft drinks to wash down the sugary goodness.

The décor is exactly what you’d expect from a pop up of the moment; it’s rustic, basic (though probably very well considered!), and ambient – untreated floorboards, shabby furniture and of course, the token use of jam jars for everything from the drinking vessels to flower pots! I have absolutely no issue with the cliché though, because this style is right up my strasse and exactly the kind of environment I enjoy the most, even it has been contrived that way! Give me shabby, retro, vintage or antique any day (hell, just muddle it all together), and I would be very happy indeed…it’s popular for a reason folks!

Be careful not to miss out because this is only a pop up and it’s already been around since July! I think it has license until Christmas, but we might get lucky with an extension if we all jump on the wagon.

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