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Monday, 16 March 2015

Rum Kitchen

My ongoing plantain obsession has most recently taken me to Kingly Court, which incidentally, is now a buzzing hive of eateries that begs the question: when did all the boutiques get banished and how did all these grub holes pop up without me noticing sooner?! Perched on a mezzanine level balcony, you will find the Rum Kitchen lording over said hive below, positively oozing atmosphere above a backdrop of afro-funk melodies.

Jovially welcomed through the busy doorway, I feel as if we'd just walked into the home of our most scatty friend with a medley of other friends, in unison, at that pivotal moment when the cream could burn, the fat might catch alight or the rice just stuck to the bottom of their favourite pot (possibly all of the above!). With a reservation firmly made though, we were whisked to our seats with some bright small talk and a subtle sigh of relief that we weren't just another group to whom the host had to instruct to wait by the open door or perch at the bijou bar. It was chaotic, efficient, friendly and alive so far and I'm smiling because the mania is a rouse - there may be a lot of people squeezing and snaking inbetween the tables or engaged in animated chit chat, but the hardy wait staff were prompt, precise and attentive throughout.

As a self-proclaimed Caribbean inspired beach shack, I was very hopeful that tonight would be the night that plantain would grace my plate and Red Stripe would once again whet my appetite. It turns out that I was right on both counts, although I do wish I'd ordered 3 portions of the plantain because as a side dish at £4, it was humble at best. The jerk was tender and delicious, but alas, I wish the skin was either a little crispier or simply removed instead of being left soft and rubbery. The Saltfish Fritters were substantial and immensely satisfying to share at just £7.50, there was a refreshing amount of meat on the Sticky BBQ Ribs (£7.50) and Baby Gem Seafood Tacos (also £7.50) were fresh and light. Overall, I'm happy, well fed and pretty glad I visited this place...I'm especially pleased with the very organised chaos, fun decor and spot on location, but I fear that nothing particularly stood out, jumped up or screamed out to me here. I would go back again and no doubt thoroughly enjoy it again though, and that's all that matters, isn't it?!

Thanks for your hospitality and your delicious pots of plantain Rum Kitchen! I'll be seeing you again...

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