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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sausage Fest

Never in one day, have I eaten so much sausage before last week, but to satisfy my long-standing need to try Bubbledogs, I was happy to forgo the regular levels of excitement felt for my weekly Friday sausage baguette a la desk. How did I then feel about the array of bratwurst, veggie dogs and frankfurters over lunch a la office?! Sausage Fest sprang to mind...

Located high up on Charlotte Street, this is a tiny but delightfully cosy establishment, with a small bar illuminating their street-level window up front and a fabulous private room tucked at the back for those who want a more intimate Kitchen Table experience (for a lucky 19 people, hotdogs are replaced here by visiting chefs and a 12-14 course home-grown tasting menu from £78pp!). For all of you in the main restaurant though, you'll be perched on high stools and should be prepared for an informal hotdog house scene muddled with a spot of Champagne parlour glamour. The menus are generous on both fronts too, with bubbles starting at £35 per bottle and 'dogs not exceeding £8.

To accompany our excessive order of extra cheese sauce sides, we hit our table with a variety of meaty goodness from a refreshingly concise menu - some are smothered in Mac & Cheese, chilli or sauerkraut, while others are given an ethnic twist; you can have horny ones, naked ones or sloppy ones, and you double up for only £2. I could have eaten three, but then I'm greedy when it comes to good food!

This is not the first twisted but simple concept to land in London, but unlike too many others of this ilk, it's everything it should be - it delivers exactly what it says on the proverbial tin, they don't take themselves too seriously and I loved it! Bookings are pretty essential owing to the size of the place, but it's certainly not impossible to get into and you can always brave an impromptu queue if you feel so inclined. The venue itself is not over the top, the staff were immensely welcoming friendly and informative; the dogs were super tasty and while some of the Champers can hit you between the eyes if you're not careful, it's all hugely affordable (for five of us, we spent just £20 each on a bottle of pink fizz, a hotdog each and a myriad of sides for the table). All I can say is that I will be smashing their takeaway service in the coming months and budget permitting, I definitely want to try that back room of theirs...

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Buffalo: Spicy buffalo sauce, blue cheese & celery
Mac Daddy: Mac & Cheese, crispy onions & bacon bits

Helpful staff!

Small bar looking out to Charlotte Street

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