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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The very honest burger...

I have a friend with whom I only ever seem to eat burgers recently (not intentionally of course, but the default has unwittingly been set, not too dissimilar to the way wine manages to find its way into my fridge I suppose!). Our latest meaty indulgence then, came by way of Honest Burgers, tucked away down the slightly quieter Meard Street in the heart of Soho.

I was expecting unsavoury queues as per every other time I dared to amble past this humble burger house, but as luck would have it, at 18:15 on a distinctly average Tuesday evening after work, we were able to walk straight in and be given the choice of two tables (oh, how we were being spoiled!). Tables chosen then, against the wall (best people watching position), I squeezed my rear end into the square foot allocated to me and awkwardly apologised to the chap at the next table, who was engrossed in far more interesting things at the time of said ass intrusion - they do pack you in, but I expect no less from hotspots like this and if I'm honest, I rather enjoy the hustle and bustle of close proximity dining experiences, especially if your fellow diners are all game and social!

Turning to the grub, I have no complaints really! The menu is simple, the burgers are pink and juicy (not the most flavoursome I've ever eaten, but very enjoyable nevertheless), and the chips are fried in rosemary oil and very fragrant (possibly a little too crispy for me, but I've already let it go because I'm a weird breed of philistine who loves a soggy, salt covered and vinegar drenched chip!). Everything you get is served in one bowl, with one knife and no fuss. Happy days! The Chipotle Mayo was one of the best I've tasted in a while, so my love of the condiment still stands strong, and we had easy access to the remaining essentials: ketchup, mayo, paper napkins and the suchlike! The gin cocktails were pretty great too, with a good selection and creative blends. Frankly, what more could you ask for from burger, chips and gin!?

Please do not fall into the trap of expecting more than what it says on the tin though eh! You will not have a romantic date here, nor will you linger for 4 hours over multiple courses and an amuse bouche, but you will have a great friendly catch up (you may even make a new friend if you're brave enough to indulge in the lack of space!), and you will get honest food, served in a timely fashion, enough to fill you up for minimal spend (I spent £30 for the pair of us and we left satisfied!). All in all, I rather liked it, or is that the gin talking?! *hiccup*

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