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Saturday, 12 July 2014


I can't start my weekend without sharing a little something about my favourite dirty burger of of the moment! MEATmarket is a little slice of gluttonous heaven served up on a plastic tray and [quite coincidentally] happens to be home to some of the nicest chilli cheese fries I've tasted in a long while (I'll get to the burgers shortly!).

Tucked away at the back of Jubilee Market in Covent Garden, this place is the love child of the graffiti-clad goth fairytale scene at MEATliquor, which in turn was the first permanent site for the enterprising Meatwagon pop-up. It has since spawned MEATmission in Hoxton (complete with its own very amusing photobooth, surely solely placed to satisfy those comic moments pre-meat sweat and post-beer swill!), and CHICKENliquor in Brixton Village - it is basically now an empire of MEAT, which is all immensely pleasing to my carnivorous chums and I! Apparently you can order salads, but with my aforementioned meat-gobbling tendencies, I couldn't tell you much about this, sorry.

There is a no-reservation policy at all these meat pits, so to avoid disappointment, try to arrive promptly (thereafter though, complaints about queues are a waste of your insatiable time - just enjoy the experience and find a friend with a cold beer to take the edge off.....or of course, go somewhere else!). Thankfully though, MEATmarket is less of a restaurant and more of a fast food joint, with an order counter and a row of informal tables, ideal for sharing with the masses! Order what you want from the chalk board, take a seat and wait for your name to be called out while going crazy on the free refills of pop.

Our table is stocked with the only condiments any self-respecting Brit could ever need and then our burgers arrive! A double patty, served pink and juicy (get your napkins ready!), with a relatively small but perfectly formed selection of toppings to choose from, some sloppier than others; the jalapeno poppers are crunchy on the outside, with a gooey and spicy centre to die for, and I'm told the root beer floats are a rare find thou shalt not forget! None of this is refined food of course, but if you want to be in and out in less than an hour and you find yourself partial to rub down in meat juices and cheese, this is definitely the place to be! Might actually go again tomorrow....

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