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Friday, 11 July 2014

Ramen Ramen!

A rare stepping into the world outside of my office lead me to Shoryu on Lower Regent Street today, just in time to beat the grub rush at a very eager 11:45. Equipped with a very reliable recommendation and an appetite that would have otherwise seen me chew off my own arm, nothing was going to stand inbetween me and a Hirata Bun or two!

With two other locations on Denman Street, Soho, and Kingly Court, Carnaby, we found ourselves in a tiny restaurant being greeted by the beat of a drum and the very traditional Japanese "irasshaimase," which I'm told means "welcome, please come in" and doesn't at all start to grate after the 20th person walks through the door (I felt delightfully welcomed though, so who am I to complain!). The cold Sapporo beer tasted ever more perfect, but mainly because in the middle of a working day you really know you shouldn't; then then the food started to arrive. What can I say?! Both the tempura prawn and pork belly buns were indeed EPIC and the gyoza were pretty damn splendid too...but having expected the buns to be so good, the biggest surprise was definitely the ramen. Ashamedly, this is my first experience of a ramen, which of course does not a ramen connoisseur make, but I found the entire bowl (complete with ladle to drink it from by the way!), was a taste sensation and the nitamago eggs beg to be devoured in all their soft yolked glory!

You cannot make reservations here and it fills up pretty quick, so prepare for a bit of a wait if you're not so lucky to miss the rush. The staff were very helpful with the menu and they clearly knew what they were serving, which is always a  bonus (you'd be surprised how many waiting staff don't have a clue!); the buzzy little atmosphere was also a much needed dose of fun casual dining!

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