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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tea & Cake!

Now, I'm not generally an avid fan of the humble deli unless I'm desperately hungover and need to gorge on carbs (in which case I'm afraid though, only a greasy spoon will do), or unless I can mull over an all day brunch comprising mostly of eggs benedict, black pudding, tea and cake (in precisely this order!). I shall however, make an exception for Mount Street Deli, which is such a quaint little treat among the ocean of others in it's category. Location bias might possibly be clouding my judgement on this one though....

In Zone 1, Mount Street is without a doubt one of my favourites to amble down and admire, with it's the pristine red-brick buildings, each one oozing old-world charm enough to make it feel oh so salaciously Mayfair! Anyway, this deli is tiny and very informal, with not necessarily the quickest service in the world, but none of this matters as you wile the minutes away perusing the clientèle and pondering over their independent fortunes (maybe that's just me though, as a working class gal-done-OK!). I cannot drink coffee despite love of the smell, but I can tell you that they looked fabulous (everyone enjoys a fanciful foam design!) and I'm told they tasted divine - for me, the juices, courtesy of new supplier Imbibery, were fabulous.

Don't be fooled though...this is not just another deli! As part of the Caprice Holdings restaurant group, Mount Street Deli offers a whole lot more that it says on the tin. For a refreshingly affordable fee, you can attend a myriad of food and drink themed events, usually based on seasonal produce, so definitely keep an eye on what's coming up (you may even spot the odd celeb host). You can get afternoon tea in a box or indulge in a hamper for that perfect picnic, you can even cater a dinner party with a selection of dishes lovingly prepared by J Sheeey Oyster Bar, The Ivy, Daphne's, Bam Bou and many more! If you fancy, why not hire it out for the night and have your very own chefs table experience?!

Mount Street Deli is the culinary equivalent to Mary Poppins' handbag...whatever will I be able to pull out next (I wouldn't say no to a pair of Louboutin's from across the street, but I'll settle for a good carrot cake!).

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